The front man and founding father of HydraFX is Greg Barrick. Greg has been playing guitar and singing virtually his whole life. He can engage a crowd like no other. Weather there is 4 or 4,000 people in the venue, Greg is gonna make you move, smile, laugh and rock out.


Erik Cotton is a very cut to the chase bass player with a lot of energy. Erik's simple logic of keeping it simple allows him to stay deep in the pocket and keep the rhythm section very strong.


Jon Kinkade's floors are never dirty, because no one sweeps like this man on guitar. He is simply a natural. From his tones to his bones, he is born to shred... and shred he does.


Scott Barber's pocket is deeper than a 1997 pair of baggy jnco jeans. He is the beatbox and the heartbeat of HydraFX. He is a machine. His beats are guaranteed to get you on your feet and scream all night.